The Maintenance Of A Timber Front Door

Silvelox Ritz Frame Handle

Here at Lakes Doors we are renowned for our range of garage doors that include sectional garage doors and roller garage doors. However, we have also earned an excellent reputation for providing quality timber front doors. Over the years, we have acquired many tips from the trade in order for you to get the most out of your timber front door, which is what we will be looking at in this blog.Silvelox Ritz Matrix 2 in Oak

Cleaning your timber front door

Your exterior timber front door will inevitably suffer from wear and tear because of the harsh British elements. The rise and drop of the temperature can cause a neglected door to look tired and worn out. It is important that you clean your door regularly with soapy water and a damp cloth.  However, only use mild soap to avoid damage to the finish.  If you find that the soapy water has not done a thorough job, use a specialist cleaner for timber before polishing it. A good quality wax furniture polish will do for this.

Sanding and Weather Stripping

Most important is to sand and recoat the protective finish of your door every few years in order to keep it looking new. The timing of this is dependant on how exposed the timber front door is to the weather. Also bear in mind the timber Silvelox Ritz Flat Linetrim around your door will require maintenance. It is advisable to avoid harsh cleansers, which can harm timber front doors and trim.

Swollen Wood

If your door is very old then it may have expanded over time. Normally, this expansion is down to moisture and water damage due to a breakdown of the surface coating. You can tell that your door is swollen if it is catching on the frame. For the DIY enthusiast you can trim the swollen wood off the door, or call upon a carpenter.

Front Door Lock

Well-maintained door locks will save you money because you will not have to pay for repairs. It’s simple and easy to maintain your lock as most multipurpose lubrication will get the job done. All you have to do is insert the straw (which is usually provided) into the lock, and spray the lubricant.

If you feel that basic maintenance won’t restore your front door then you should consider a replacement timber front door from us at Lakes Doors, which will stand the test of time. We have a range of Silvelox front doors that are made from multi-layer okoume timber hardwood. Other timbers such as oak, walnut and spruce are also available. These doors are high in quality and surprisingly low in price so call us on 01524 220030 to find out more.