Front Doors to Adore

When you imagine your house, what is the first thing that comes to mind? The rooms? The garden? Or do you picture the outside, with special attention paid to the front door? A quality front door can also transform your house.

Quality front door choices
shou-sugi-ban-front -door
Shou Sugi Ban Finish

Your front door can speak volumes. It should be attractive and harmonise with the rest of the property. You want to be proud every time you see it and use it. Do you want something simple but classic, like 10 Downing Street? Or something modern and eye catching?

Silvelox Front Doors

Silvelox offer a range of striking front doors, whether you’re a fan of Georgian panels or something more minimalistic. You don’t have to go with the design as shown; we also offer a range of colours, finishes and handles. If you can imagine it, we can do it! They’reSilvelox Ritz Matrix 2 in Oak not just pretty faces, either. You can apply for one of three security settings, making your home a fortress.

Garador Front Doors

You cannot overlook the front door’s properties as a drawbridge, keeping the rest of the world out. Our Garador range of steel entrance doors tick all the boxes in terms of comfort and security; not only are they water tight and stand up to the worst weather, they’re well insulated, blocking out cold and noise. You needn’t worry about them clashing with your garage, either- they’re carefully designed to complement our garage range.

Groke Front doors

If security is a concern but you want to retain a sense of style, you’re in for a treat. We’re honoured to be working with Groke to sell their entrance doors- probably the best aluminium doors on the market. Everything about them is bespoke:  they’re made to measure, so whichever you choose will fit, you can select any colour on the chart, you can even pick the glass.

Already convinced? You haven’t heard the best part. It’s chockfull of security features: hinge bolts, automated locking and biometric locking- e.g. it boasts a TOCA fingerprint lock system. Meaning you’ll never have to quibble over lost or broken keys again!