Give Your Garage Door A Touch Of The Exotic

Silvelox Overlap SPIWhen people think of timber garage doors, they tend to think of traditional timbers, such as oak. The fact is that the types of wood can be far more exotic in nature. Exotic wooden garage doors can be exceptionally varied. They can even be a genuinely outlandish wood from a far-flung country. Far from softwood and hardwood garage doors being dull, wooden garage doors can be a fantastic way to mark a home exterior as something a bit special.


Here at Lakes Garage Doors, we can supply you with a variety of timber for your garage doors. Here are some details about two of the woods that we find to be popular:



Idigbo is a type of wood that comes from such localities as Cameroon, the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Guinea and Sierra Leone. Pale yellow in colouration and very light, it possesses very durable heartwood. It is a regular fixture within the realm of high class joinery. Idigbo is easy to work with and finishes well. In fact, when it is finished in a certain fashion, Idigbo strongly resembles oak. As well as being exotic wooden garage doors, they can also be called upon as a cost effective alternatives to oak. The Idigbo timber that is used within our garage doors is naturally resistant to moisture. It makes an ideal choice for an installation that is going to be exposed to the elements. The fact that it remains light also makes it perfect for styles like up and over garage doors.




Okoume is a wood that is native to West Africa, and this hardwood is taken from a medium-sized tree that rarely grows larger than 40 metres in height. It is a rich reddish-brown, and also comes totally free of knots; many people greatly appreciate its smooth and unblemished surface. Certain varieties, (especially sapwoods), are also available in light greys and even pink hues.  Just because two people have an Okoume garage door certainly need not have twin doors with regards to appearance. Despite its fresh aesthetics, Okoume can also be depended upon to last, as it is actually very durable, in spite of being fairly soft, and this latter property means that it is superbly easy to work with, meaning that we utilise it in our trackless garage doors. This wood can be can make truly exotic wooden garage doors


Timber may be timeless, but to equate that with ‘boring’ would be nothing but a mistake. If you’re looking for a reliable supplier of exotic timber garage doors, but also want something a little out of the ordinary, then be sure to give Lakes Garage Doors a call on 0800 1955690.