Open Sesame – Benefits Of Automated Garage Doors

HandsetOnce the preserve of the rich, automated garage doors are now a commonplace sight in many homes across the country. It is probably easy to see why, as they offer both increased convenience and security to their users.


Firstly, the advantage to automating your garage door is increased security. You may be driving home late at night on your own. You may perhaps feel vulnerable during the time it takes when out of your car and opening the garage. With an automated door, you can stay in the vehicle. Secure until inside your garage with the door shut behind you. Also, when the weather is bad, you don’t need to risk getting soaked through or frozen on the way in or out of your garage!


Novoferm Novomatic 803 S

Our automated garage doors also a offer a huge benefit to the elderly and disabled, for whom manually opening a garage door may be difficult or even impossible. Once we have automated it, the door will simply swing open and shut at the touch of a button.


We offer a range of security and safety features  with automated doors. For example, as mentioned in an earlier post, particularly large doors come with a sensor feature that will stop them from closing on any obstructions. You will also have manual operation features as a backup, to allow you to open the door in the case of a power cut or electrical problems.

While you can’t automate a side-hinged garage door, most other types of garage doors can be. Sectional garage doors tend to come with automation as standard. Traditional up and over garage doors have automated options too (although the canopy styles are only suitable for manual use).

Novoferm ISO 45 Large Rib

Automatic operation gives you other subtle advantages too; certain finishes or materials, such as cedar, are prone to damage because they are softer than other materials. If used as a manual door, you will tend to find key scratches developing around the lock. This is not an issue with automatic doors. You will open the door remotely and only very rarely need to handle it directly.

Whatever kind of garage door you’re looking for, talk to the experts. Here at Lakes Garage Doors you will get friendly professional advice.