The Ultimate Security Door

Here at Lakes Doors, we are proud to be able to offer our customers a secure front door selection. Amongst them are the very high quality aluminium doors from German door manufacturers, Groke. These doors are market leaders with a whole host of additional extras designed to make your home very secure.

The Groke secure front door

This is a brand that believe strongly in security. It is made to measure with no standard sizes for their doors. You can have an alluminium door perfectly fitted to your entrance. You get to choose from the huge range of options. These include; insulation thickness, frame style, handles, glass and colours. This allows you to design exactly the door that you want to match your property withoutGroke 12560 inset having to sacrifice functionality.

Security features

The Groke secure front door has many security options. The standard model Groke door already comes with 3 point locking, hinge bolts to prevent intruders lifting the door off its hinges. Also, you can add any number of high-tech additions that turn alluminium doors into an impenetrable barrier of security. You may upgrade the security with a thicker door with up to 90mm of insulation. Or, you could secure the door with up to 17 point locking. As a point of reference, many doors have just 1 point of locking. All the bolts can be combined with the anti-drill lock to make the door inaccessible to anyone without a key.

Silvelox Tau front doorKey features

Finally, the door keys. Groke doors make the idea of keys seem positively archaic with automatic locking systems and biometric scanners as optional extras. Automatic locking locks your door behind you when you close it. It can be opened with a special remote control. You don’t have to fumble with the lock when you have your hands full. Alternatively, you can program a biometric scanner to recognise your fingerprint or the fingerprints of your entire family to grant you access.

Groke is the brand to look for if you want to really bolster your home security whilst maintaining a great modern aesthetic of your choice.

Lakes Doors can supply and install Groke and other high security front doors from other manufacturers. These include; Silvelox, Oikos, Garador and Rockdoor. Have a look at this extensive range and contact us for more information.