Supersize Garage Doors

It’s increasingly rare to find households with only one car. More generations are tending to stay in one house. It is normal to find two, three or even four cars per family. However, if you dislike keeping your car outside this can lead to a problem – who gets to park in the garage. Who has to leave their car outside? Supersize garage doors offer a solution to this problem by giving homeowners a garage that is big enough to park more than one car. Owners of particularly large garages faced problems in finding garage doors to suit because of the size. They were restricted to industrial style garage doors, which fail to fit the style of a residential property.

Teckentrup Supersize Georgian

Carteck Supersize Garage Doors
Supersize Garage Doors Automation
Supersize automation

We stock a range of doors that are designed specifically for larger garages; namely the Carteck Supersize range. These doors offer the same exterior design as their smaller equivalents, but with a more substantial structure behind them. They are also fitted to industrial standards to ensure that they can carry the weight of the door.

When creating an extra-large garage door, the weight is one of the biggest factors to consider. Even using the lightest materials, the sheer scale of the door will make it heavier than a standard domestic door. This is why the Carteck Supersize Garage Doors range is fully automated. They come with clever safety systems which monitor the bottom seal of the door. If any obstructions are encountered, the door will automatically reverse.

Bespoke Supersize Garage Doors

If your garage has a non-standard size, our bespoke garage doors service is ideal for making sure that you get a perfect fit and the right look. We’ll work to your brief and specifications to create a garage door that will match your exterior decor exactly, be in keeping with your property and work smoothly. These bespoke options are also ideal for garages which are taller than standard, which in turn are ideal for owners of big vehicles like SUVs.

Whatever size your garage may be, here at Lakes Garage Doors our experienced team are happy to advise you on the right options for a door that fits perfectly. Simply get in touch with us on 0800 1955690 and ask how we can help you.

Carteck Micro-Profile finish
Carteck Micro-Profile finish