How To Choose The Colour For Your Garage Door

The exterior of your home needn’t be boring or plain. You shouldn’t feel limited by garage door colour when it comes to choosing the perfect garage door for your home. There are many other things to consider, such as style, material, whether it is automated or manual. There is another choice that you may not have considered before as well; the garage door colour. Contrary to popular belief, garage doors don’t need to be white or naturally coloured. Our range of sectional garage doors are available in a  spectrum of colours.  So how do you choose the perfect colour for your garage door?Silvelox Overlap ARA Inset

1.       Take a look around your Neighbourhood

It maybe that you have decided to ban the white.  You could be looking to breathe a little life into your exterior home design by adding an element of colour. You have two choices for your garage door colour:

  • To blend in with your neighbours and choose the same or similar complementing shades.
  • Make a statement with a unique colour or style – you never know; you could be the trendsetter!

Have a look at what styles and shades are about in your local area, this will help you to decide what garage door colour you do or do not like. Be inspired by what others have done and just see what takes your fancy.Garador Linear Medium Sectional

2.       Consider the Colour of your House

When choosing a colour, make sure that you consider what the exterior of your home looks like. For example what type of brick is used. If you have a red brick home, use warmer shades such as deep red, mahogany or creamy shades. These will complement it and create a unified look.  For lighter brick or pebble-dashed homes, use lighter colours  A bright garage door colour will create a bold and striking look.  Bricks with a yellow hue look sensational when contrasted with a deep, navy blue; as you can see from the GDS Coach House door.

3.       Head to the Showroom

To get a real feel for the style of door that you’re choosing, it is recommended that you visit the showroom to view it in person. Viewing the style and colour in real life will provide you with the certainty that you’re choosing the right colour for you and your home.

4.       Follow your Instinct for a Great Garage Door Colour

All in all, this is your home. Whatever aesthetic you want to achieve, or your personal preference, is all that matters. Follow your heart and your instinct. Choose the colour that matters to you. This is your home; it should reflect your personal tastes and excite you when you see it.

If you’re looking to replace your garage door and are a little fed up with white or grey. Do not despair. There are many garage door choices available to you in a vast array of colours. If you would like any advice with regards to your choice then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. Head down to the Lakes Garage Doors showroom in Garstang.Garador Linear Small (Stone Grey)