Sectional Safety

Garage Door Systems Georgian75% of Garage Door accidents occur and cause injury for two main reasons:-

  • The Doors falling on people.
  • Body Parts getting caught in the mechanism of the Doors.

At Lakes Doors, guaranteed safety featuresĀ  are what place us among the top ranking garage door suppliers in the country. On the surface there are the basic two options for a garage door, the first of which being the swing up and over door, made from one panel, be it steel, PVC, timberĀ or GRP. The second and most common door being the sectional garage door.

The popularity of this second type of door, in our experience, stems from its unique and innovative structure of safety. Sectional garage doors can be operated from the vehicle via an automated timer sensor or remote control. There’s no need to jump out of your car to open the door, which firstly puts them on the highest safety scale but also an attractive feature when the great British weather is at its rainy finest.

Here at Lakes Doors, the sectional door comes with an abundance of features and advantages. For example, one of our bestsellers: Carteck sectional garage doors are almost always automated and are available with a wide range of accessories including keypads, wall buttons and additional handsets. They can come in a range of 17 colours, with anything from Flame Red to Sepia Brown. The option of a window panel comes in four window designs made from polyurethane frames, with a choice of three scratch resistant glazing types.

It really is a wise choice to consider safety options for your garage door. Not only do the sectional roll up doors come with these additional safety features, they are a great asset to your property aesthetically. So when next looking for the garage door that has it all, take a look at the sectional roll up section on our site; with so much choice you are sure to find what you were looking for

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