New Gliderol Frame Options

Gliderol garage doors have release some new options to compliment the frames on their sectional garage door range.

The first and most important addition is the between reveal fixing kit.  Sectional garage doors are primarily designed to be installed behind the reveal due to the ‘L’ shaped frames.  Most often when sectional garage doors are fitted between the reveal they are mounted on to a timber sub-frame which then needs to be either painted or clad with upvc.  The Gliderol between reveal fixing kit is a special set of brackets and fixing which allows the door to be installed between the reveal without the need for a sub-frame.  This both reduces installation time and in the future there will be no timber to maintain.

The second this is the door frame fascias.  These can work in conjunction with the between reveal kit.  The door frame fascias cover the sectional garage door frame to hide non-required fixing holes.  There are 3 fascias all together, 2 for the frame legs and one for the frame header rail.  The fascias can be coloured to match the colour of the door panels and are also available in the Golden Oak and Rosewood foil finishes.

The gap to ceiling facia covers gapes above the frame header rail up to 100mm wide.

The renovation kit is designed to cover unsightly brickwork around the garage door opening which can often be left visible when an old door is removed.

We have in our showroom in Garstang a working Gliderol Oxford sectional garage door for you to see and try.  If you would like more information on Gliderol garage doors please contact us.