Novoferm Sectional Garage Doors

More and more frequently we are now being asked for Novoferm sectional garage doors.  Novoferm are a German garage door manufacturer and their doors are exactly the sort of quality you would expect from German engineering.  Novoferm are one of the lesser know brands in the UK but have a huge presence worldwide.  Their sectional garage doors in our opinion are some of the best available with fantastic unique features.

There are two versions of the Novoferm sectional garage door:

Novoferm ISO20 – The ISO20 is a 20mm insulated sectional garage door available up to 9’10” wide.  The ISO20 is a great solution for anyone wanting a single width door which offers the stability of of an insulated door but without the cost of a full thickness insulated door.  The ISO20 comes as standard with low headroom gear so only requires 125mm of headroom.

Novoferm ISO45 – For those interested in the insulating values of a garage door Novoferm have the thickest domestic sectional garage doors panel available on the UK market at 45mm thick.  If you have a room above the garage or use the garage as a workshop the ISO45 is the ideal solution.

Novoferm Novoport – This is the operator that has been specifically designed for use with the Novoferm sectional garage doors.  This garage door operator works differently to traditional boom operators.  The motor is mounted in the track of the door and the wall unit can be placed on either side of the door and comes with a built in door control.  The Novoport also comes with tow Novotron handsets.  The Novoport is for use exclusively with Novoferm sectional garage doors.

We have a Novoferm ISO45 Satin Grey in with a Novoport operator in our showroom in Garstang near Preston.  We also have a wide range of Novoferm sectional door samples at both our Garstang and Wirral offices.