My Work Experience; Day 1:


My name is Adie White, and this week has been extremely eventful for me!

I live in a town called Hemel Hempstead, just out of London, but this week I have been staying in a modern flat with my sister and her boyfriend in Lancaster which is a 3 hour train journey from my local station!

The reason for this madness is because this week I have been doing my work experience! I have been doing such a massive range of jobs and activities, like; making tea, going out in the Lakes van to help with site visits, and even preparing the huge door showroom for a photo shoot!

Day 1:

It was my first day of working at Lakes Garage Doors today, and I must say, I am KNACKERED! The first job I was requested to do was to make tea for the 6 workers before we they got started on their duties – Easy enough…

Second of all, I was told what I would be doing for the rest of the week and it all sounded pretty exciting! My boss – James – told me that the company needed their web-page to be updated at that they wanted photographs of all the workers doing their jobs. He told me that before the pictures were taken, they wanted the garage doors garstang showroom to be done up, repainted and decorated with lovely little trees so that it would look all nice and tidy in for the customer’s first impressions.

Now, as I am a commited art student and have a serious passion for photography, the idea of this really excited me!

When James and I went off in the Lakes van to pick up the paint, we were told not only that they would have to order the paint for us to pick up in about 3 days, but also that if we wanted the paint to set properly, we would have to scrape up all of the existing paint from the floor!

James then stated to me ”That will keep you occupied for the rest of the day then!” My initial thought on this was ‘Ah cool! A scraping machine!’ little did I know that when we got back to the work place, I would be handed a heavy metal pole, taller than me by half my height.. with a blade on the end of it.

James was right, I was definately occupied for the rest of the day!