New to the Teckentrup Carteck range

As of May 2011 Teckentrup depot will be offering even more finishes on their sectional garage doors at the same price as the industry standard woodgrain finish.  Customers will now be able to choose from Woodgrain, Smooth, Stucco and Micro Profile finish (which we have in our showroom at Garstang) in the three Carteck ribbed styles – Standard Rib, Centre Rib and Solid Rib.  Previously all designs and finishes were available but but certain style and ribs or combinations of the two came at additional cost.  This has now been simplified so that all style and finish combinations are the the same price.

Other new additions to the Carteck range include two new Trend colours, Flame Red and Gentian Blue.  There are 4 sets of colour options within the Carteck range there is white which is standard, Trend colours which are a specially selected set of 12 colours that come at a preferential price, RAL colours – any colour from the RAL chart and foiled woodgrain designs.

Teckentrup depot have also released the UK’s first insulated side hinged garage doors.  These doors are made up from the same sections as used on their sectional garage doors and come in all the same finishes and colour options as mentioned above.