Day 2:

Today was so funny! Again, my first job was to make tea for the rest of the workers, but not long after we’d all drunk up, I was told I was attending a business meeting with James! This meeting was so that our roller garage door supplier could meet our Wirral office sales manager – doesn’t sound very exciting, I know..

When we got there after the hour and a half journey to garage doors Wirral, I was introduced to 3 men, Jerry, Frank and Arron.  Arron is from Seceuroglide Lakes roller garage door supplier and Frank is Jerry’s assistant. As James and I walked into Jerry’s office, we were followed by Frank who was offering us tea and foxed biscuits.. Yes it was only 10am, but I just couldn’t resist!

Before the meeting started, Jerry and Frank were really making me and James giggle! They were so jolly and silly and so far from being serious! Being around so laughter was a really good start to the day!

During this meeting I took a page full of notes – half of which were probably irrelevant.. the other half of which were doodles of penguins and snails, but I was praised none the less!

When it was time to leave, James and I went to Blackpool to attend a site visit for a sectional garage door. This house was absolutely huge and had a lot of adapting being done – Not only were we there to get measurements for a new door to fix, but the home owner also had lots of builders helping with other aspects – and this was just outdoors!

It was really nice to have been out all day today, as yesterday I was very busy in the showroom!