How To Maximise Your Garage Space

In the UK, we officially have the smallest homes in Europe, and unlike our counterparts over the pond in the USA and Australia, where space is abundant and homes are large, many of us struggle to fit a lifetime’s worth of possessions and mementos under one roof.

The garage has for a long time in Britain been a part of the home which is stacked up to the ceiling with boxes and shelves of unused possessions; as well as being used as a functional space to store your vehicle, repair or refurbish a vintage sports car, or to hang out with a pool or table tennis table.

However many garages are not used to their full potential, and they can in fact provide a spacious area for both storage and leisure.

For a start, if you want to utilise as much space as possible, make sure as much square footage as possible is useable. In terms of your garage style and design, the installation of sectional garage doors can save a surprising amount of space at the front of your garage. At Lakes Garage Doors, we stock sectional garage doors to fit any modern or traditional home, and in a range of sizes, so you can be sure we will have the right product for you.

Once you have a well built and protected space organisation really can be surprisingly helpful; as space is of the essence. Be dedicated and commit yourself to having a garage clear out once a year. Sell or donate to charity anything that you haven’t used in the last year which does not hold sentimental value. You may be surprised how much money you could raise by selling items you may see as junk online or at a car boot sale, and you may even raise enough to buy a new garage door to protect your more prized possessions.

A creative idea which you may not immediately think of, as seen in the video below, is to create overhead storage space. If you have reasonable height to your garage, this is a great way to allow ample storage capabilities, and also have room for that classic car or games table.

The most important thing is to enjoy the space that you have within your home, and remember that even the smallest of spaces can be useful and functional, with garages across the country having an endless list of creative uses.