Up And Over Garage Doors, The Perfect Choice For Your Garage

When it comes to choosing a garage door there are a wealth of options available to you depending on your requirements. Here at Lakes Garage Doors we understand the importance of choosing the right garage door to suit your needs, so for a budget friendly option with great versatility, consider up and over garage doors today.

The versatility of an up and over garage door is without a doubt one of the most appealing aspects of this type of garage door. With a canopy opening style, the majority of the mechanisms are contained within the door itself, making it a perfect option for people concerned with space saving within their garage, whereas with a retractable garage door you retain the option to automate the door upon purchase or later on. Our up and over garage doors are also available in single or double panels depending on your requirements.

The variety of different materials available in up and over style garage doors make these doors one of the most popular styles of garage doors we offer. Available in galvanised steel, glass reinforced plastic (fibreglass) or timbers such as cedar, you have the option to choose a garage door that fits with the aesthetic of your home and suits your own personal style, making an up and over garage door a wonderful choice if style as well as functionality is a concern for you.

Up and over garage doors also offer you a high level of security for your garage, with a central spring loaded lockable handle alongside the option to request a modified locking system from the manufacturer. This adds in 3 high quality locking bolts to keep thieves out, and your valuables in.

Up and over garage doors are cost effective choices for your garage, as they are one of the cheaper types of garage doors you can purchase and are easy to maintain. Here at Lakes Garage Doors we offer a wealth of options for your up and over garage door, and a full warranty on any of our steel range, making them the perfect option for your budget.

Regardless of whether you choose a canopy opening or a retractable up and over garage door, here at Lakes Garage Doors we are confident that we can provide you with the high quality garage door your home needs today. To purchase a wonderful up and over garage door, or find out more about our range, don’t hesitate to contact us today.