Bespoke Garage Doors: A Stride Towards The ‘Perfect Home’

The housing market is currently flourishing as the demand from first time house buyers continuously rises. A 33 percent increase in home loans was highlighted as the Council for Mortgage Lenders released the latest facts regarding housing. For many people buying houses, there will be a great amount of excitement; but you also have to endure a great deal of pressure.

Personalise your home

Oak Garage Doors WilmslowDue to the commitment involved in buying a house, you want to thoroughly search and find the ‘perfect house’. However, the outcome is not always as expected.  There will be certain characteristics about the property that you are not comfortable with, and you’ll have the urge to change them. However, since it is your own home, you have the freedom to alter the house and add a personal touch. For example giving the house a full face-lift; including changing the garage door.

Bespoke garage doors

Garage doors are a particularly fundamental part of the house’s characteristics as they occupy a considerable amount of space upon the face of the property. How the garage door should look varies depending on the owner. This is why here at Lakes Doors we design bespoke garage doors to meet your specific request.

Novoferm OFI (Open for infill)

Our basic product designs range from the Novoferm OFI and the Novoferm OFI Magnum. These doors both consist of ridged steelOak Garage Doors framework, which can be built upon any material of your choice. In most cases, timber is the preferred material. A variety of sizes are available and these can be varied to your request, as we always work in your best interests. Not only do we prioritise quality and your taste in the manufacture of our products, but we also consider how much you are willing to spend to help you save money.

If you have a particular design you have in mind for your garage door, do not hesitate to utilise our services to your advantage. Our flexibility in design will certainly be a big step towards designing the perfect home you want. Contact us today.