L-Door Puma Line STL

L-Door Façade Doors Now Available in the UK

Looking to make a striking architectural statement? L-Door façade doors might be the answer.

I am always on the lookout for new products that will excite our customers and help people to realise that a garage door doesn’t have to be just a boring functional thing. In reality garage doors can be an integral part of the architecture of a building and a major contributor to the design. It is difficult to say whether there are just so many same old, same old designs on the market because it is what people want or because that is all they think is available. One company that challenges this mindset is Belgian manufacturer L-Door.

L-Door is a sectional door manufacturer and 5 years ago they set up their Cre8tive department. What they do there is quite unique. They take their sectional doors and clad them with an array of various materials specific to the client requirements. This may be timber façade doors in the case of Nature Line STL. It can be panel cladding from major manufacturers such as Trespa or Rockpanel, or glass, in the case of Puma Line STX. My personnel favourite is the Puma Line STL which is clad with Renson blades, this door is simply stunning and challenges all traditional ideas of how a garage door should look. See for yourself in the video below.

[blockquote]Just over-cladding a sectional door though is nothing new, what makes L-Door so special is they design and deliver the whole façade system[/blockquote]Just over-cladding a sectional door is nothing new. What makes L-Door so special is that they design and deliver the whole façade system. This can include not just the garage door and fixed panels but also windows and entrance doors. Façade doors from other manufactures are usually designed to be clad onsite. Whilst this can work, and is undoubtedly a cheaper option, often errors are made. When order a façade system from L-Door for you, everything is planned and calculated down to the last millimetre. What this means for you, as the client, is that when we come to site we are assembling and installing. Not manufacturing. This significantly improves the quality of the finished job and the time we require on-site.

A trip to see the façade doors in the flesh
L-Door Façade Doors Showroom
Myself and the (very tall) L-Door boys at the Cre8tive showroom

Before we take on a new product I always like to visit the manufacturing facility myself. Seeing the doors on the factory floor you really get a feel for the engineering and quality control of a product product. True to the Belgian stereotype the quality and the care that goes into the L-Door product is top notch. Even before it gets to the manufacturing stage, they ensure that the whole install has been designed, 3D rendered and scrutinised, by a dedicated team. I am trying not to sound too gushing here but, the care that is taken to make sure every Cre8tive order is right from the start is another step up from most manufacturers.

We are the first UK supplier of L-Door façade doors and are delighted to be so. L-Door doors give us something unique to offer our customers with the opportunity to enhance the design of their property.

If you’d like to know more about L-Door façade doors then just contact us. We would be delighted to work with you on your special project.