Garage Side Doors (Personnel Doors)

Garage side doors are often the most used entrance door for a garage. For people who never use the garage for a car, a side door can often be the most convenient way in and out.

It may therefore be important that garage side doors, sometimes referred to as the personnel doors, be convenient and easily operable.

Garage Side DoorsGarage Side Doors Types

Historically, garage side doors have been timber; framed ledged and braced softwood. Usually they were outward opening so that the door could not protrude into the garage. This way of hanging it exacerbated the problems of a with a door of this construction. It was susceptible to the weather. Swelling and jamming in the winter and shrinking, warping and cracking in the summer. Many garage door manufacturers now produce matching garage side doors for their garage doors. These are mainly steel but may be hardwood to match similar garage doors. The steel versions may be single skin to match the up and over garage doors and insulated to match the insulated garage doors. Novoferm now do a hinged  side door to match their Novorol insulated garage door.

Garage Side Doors Security

Without realising, many people accumulate a lot of items in their garages over the years. Bicycles, powered lawn mowers, other power tools and hand tools are just a few of the items regularly found in garages. The security of the garage is often not considered. Thieves know this and often target garages which are an easy option. The garage side doors can be the vunerable point of the garage. Many of the garage side doors available now, especially the steel ones, have strong locking options. If this is not enough, Lakes Garage Doors can supply and install a purpose made steel security side door.

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