Garage Door Repairs

Garage Door Repairs

We do garage door repairs on all makes and models of doors including Garador, Hormann, Cardale Henderson, King, SWS and many more. Call us now with your enquiry.

Up & Over Garage Door Repairs

Up & over door are the most common type of garage door and also the most common type to fail. The most frequent thing to break on an up & over door is the cables. We’re regularly replacing cables on up and over doors and we make them up from a reel specifically to suit your door. Other common parts that need replacing or repairing are springs, rollers and handles. We carry many parts for these doors on our vans so can often repair same day.

Roller Garage Door Repairs

When roller garage doors go wrong often they’re not operational at all which can be a real pain. One of the most common faults is that the locking springs break. These are the components that join the door curtain to the axle. We carry locking springs in stock that fit the doors of most manufactures to get you back up and running as soon as possible. Roller doors can also suffer from problems with the automation. Issues with the safety edges are not uncommon, if your door stops on the way down this could well be the problem. If your door is struggling to open this is most likely a motor issue. If this is the case do not use the door and phone us immediately. Roller doors with damaged motors are extremely dangerous and can come crashing down. If you are to continue to use the door the motor should be replaced ASAP.

Sectional Garage Door Repairs

Sectional doors are generally very reliable but when they do go wrong it’s generally a broken spring. We don’t carry these in stock but the correct part can often be identified from the label on the back of your door before we come to site.

Garage Door Repairs In…

We keep our garage door repairs service fairy local in order to give prompt action. The areas we cover for repairs are: Lancaster & Morecambe, Blackpool & Fylde, Kendal & South Lakes and Preston.