Insulated Garage Doors

Insulated garage doors
Insulated garage doors are stronger, more secure, and offer better soundproofing for your property as well as the obvious thermal values.

The level of insulation is measured as a thermal transmittance value also known as U values and is written like this U=1.75W/m2K , the lower the number the better the insulation is. Below is a guide on the different types of insulated garage doors available. More about U values

Roller Insulated Garage Doors

Insulated roller garage doors are made from foam filled aluminium slats which hinge together and roll up into a coil. A typical slat would be around 15mm thick. Insulated roller doors have brush strips in the guides and a rubber seal along the bottom slat however because of how a roller door works it is not possible to get a tight seal at the top of the door. A roller door will give much better insulation values than an un-insulated door but is the least insulating of the doors mentioned on this page. A typical installed insulated roller door will give a thermal transmittance of U=4.0W/m2K

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Sectional Insulated Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors offer a very good level of insulation with panel thicknesses varying from 20mm-45mm. The panels are made from double skin steel with a foam core. These doors seal along the bottom, up the sides and along the top of the door with rubber seals. Generally sectional garage doors are made up of 4 sections with each section having a thermal break between it. These doors can be fitted either between or behind the structural opening but will give better insulation when fitted behind. A typical installed 40mm insulated sectional garage door will give a thermal transmittance of U=1.5W/m2K

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Silvelox Overlap Insulated Garage Doors

Overlap doors are what is called a trackless sectional garage door and give the very best insulation of all the garage doors we offer. They are made up of 75mm thick laminated Multi-ecowood panels which, in conjunction with the heavy rubber seals all around the door, give a thermal transmittance of U=1.0W/m2K. Each door is made up of two large panels.

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Side hinged insulated garage doors

Insulated side hinged doors are made from the same sections as sectional garage doors which are 40mm thick. These doors have perimeter seals and a threshold to seal up against. Side hinged doors offer the perfect solution if the garage is not used to put a car in as they provide quick and easy access to the garage.

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