Silvelox Front Doors

Silvelox Front Doors
We believe Silvelox front doors are the very best. They offer a wide choice of designs and the option to have your own bespoke design. Silvelox have more security options than others and have class leading insulation values.

We have a Silvelox ARA front door on display in our Lancashire showroom, come and see the quality for yourself.

Not solid wood

Silvelox front doors are not made from solid wood they are built upon the Silvelox Omega steel core and have a steel frame which is then faced with wood. Why is this better? Because the steel offers a higher level of security than wood and your front door will never twist or warp.Silvelox Ritz Matrix 1 in Oak

Silvelox Front Doors – Design

The choice of design with Silvelox front doors is almost limitless. The large range of designs both contemporary and traditional can be customised with colour options and door furniture. If none of the standard designs suit, it is possible to have your own bespoke design. We will work with you and/or your architect to make sure you get the perfect door for you.

Matching internal doors & garage doors

Silvelox Ritz Random OpenSilvelox also do a range of internal doors called Domina, it is possible to have one of the Domina coverings on the inside of your front door so you can have it match throughout. All Silvelox front doors are also available with matching garage doors.


One of the main features of the Silvelox doors is their high security. Due to their construction with the Omega steel core Silvelox front doors are more secure than solid wood, aluminium or composite front doors. Class 2, Class 3 and Class 4 security is Silvelox Front Door Lockingavailable. You can have the level of security you desire to give you peace of mind.  More about front door security


So much heat can be lost through a draughty or poorly insulated front doors. Silvelox doors are highly insulating with wood faces inside and out as well as an insulated core. With optional insulation packages Silvelox doors are suitable for low energy houses.

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