Hardwood Garage Doors

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The term ‘hardwood’ covers many different species of wood. Here you can find what different types of garage doors are available in the different types of hardwood.

Up and over hardwood garage doors – depending on size, up and over garage doors can be made from almost any species of hardwood. The panel can be made from solid timber and hung on Arcadian lifting gear or, our preferred choice, the Novoferm OFI Magnum.  OFI stands for Open for Infill which is a pre-framed open steel chassis ready to accept the infill of your choice.  This creates a much stiffer and robust door leaf than a solid timber leaf. More about Novoferm OFI Magnum

Sectional Hardwood Garage Doors – Novoferm offer their ISO45 sectional door in African okoume.  There is a range of designs available as well as the option to have your own bespoke design. The advantage with this type when compared to the up and over door is that the door seals all around, and is more secure than an up and over. Novoferm hardwood sectional garage doors do not come fully finished. They must be finished on site immediately after installation. See our hardwood sectional garage door range

Trackless Sectional Hardwood Garage Doors – Silvelox make the Overlap. The world’s first trackless sectional garage door. Overlap is available in oak, okoume and teak, all doors come fully finished as standard. We believe Overlap is the best option for a hardwood garage door. It offers the best security, best insulation/sealing, largest choice of standard and bespoke designs, and is the least intrusive into the garage space. See the Silvelox Overlap range

Side hinged hardwood garage doors – these doors can be made from almost any species of hardwood and a wide choice of designs are available. Side hinged doors are most popular with people who don’t use the garage to put a car in as they offer quick and easy pedestrian access. Side hinged doors are only available in sizes up to 2438mm wide. More about side hinged garage doors

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