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Wooden garage doors or, as they are often called, timber garage doors are available in a wide variety of wood species. There are different types of timber garage door. The type of wood you choose can sometimes pre-determine the type of garage door you have.  This Buyers Guide aims to give clear information about the different types of wooden garage doors available, read carefully before ordering to avoid costly mistakes.

Cedar Wooden Garage Doors

Cedar is by far the most common material to make wooden garage doors from, it is a very rich looking timber and is often described as being ‘multi-coloured’.  What makes cedar so good for timber garage doors are that it is very lightweight, is highly resistive to rotting and very stable. The disadvantage is that cedar is softness. Manual doors especially can get damaged over time by knocks and scrapes. Cedar is often used as cladding on buildings. A matching garage door can blend in well. Cedar garage doors are available as sectional garage doors, up & over garage doors and side hinged garage doors. View our cedar garage door range

Oak Wooden Garage Doors

Oak is at present a very popular timber to use on the exterior of homes as cladding and as front doors and, as a consequence, is becoming requested more often for wooden garage doors.  Oak is a wood which is hard, heavy and expensive. It has the potential to expand and contract more than other timbers making so is not the obvious choice for making timber garage doors.  Despite this, oak garage doors are available made either as bespoke up & over garage doors using the Novoferm Magnum OFI door. In our Silvelox range of wooden garage doors oak is available as one of the timber choices. Silvelox garage doors are made up of 75mm thick laminated Multi-ecowood with just the top layer being oak. This construction allows the use of oak with none of the detrimental issues.  More about oak garage doors

Idigbo Wooden Garage Doors

Idigbo is similar to oak in appearance and colour but is much lighter in weight and cheaper in cost. This makes idigbo more suitable for making up & over garage doors from than oak. Idigbo wooden garage doors are available as up & over garage doors and side hinged garage doors.

Okoume Wooden Garage Doors

Okoume is an African hardwood and is used as standard for Silvelox garage doors. It is a red/brown colour in appearance and is very hard wearing and knot free. Okoume is also available as an upgrade from northern spruce in the timber Novoferm sectional garage doors.

Softwood Wooden Garage Doors

The term ‘softwood’ is used to cover many species of timber but is generally referring to lower grades of timber. Softwood garage doors usually have a lot of knots. It is important to specify kiln dried softwood. Unlike hardwoods and cedar, softwood rots easily. It is very important to keep on top of the maintenance of softwood garage doors. The advantage that softwood has over all other species of wooden garage doors mentioned on this page is that it cheaper. Softwood timber garage doors are available as sectional garage doors and side hinged garage doors.

Hardwood Wooden Garage Doors 

Three of the species mentioned above – oak, okoume and idigbo are all hardwoods but when people use the term ‘hardwood they are usually referring to far eastern red hardwoods such as sapele, iroko or mahogany. All have a similar appearance. None of the far eastern hardwood are used as standard in garage door manufacture. If any of these timbers are specifically required for your timber garage doors then we can make a bespoke garage door using the Novoferm Magnum up and over garage door. More about hardwood garage doors