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Metal Garage Doors

Metal is one of the most commonplace types of material that we encounter in our day to day lives. Many of the world’s most robust structures rely heavily upon metal within their construction.  It is not really a surprise that you might decide to opt for metal garage doors when  trying to choose between the available options. It is fair to say that metal brings a lot of benefits to a garage door, the most common of which are as follows:

Affordability of Metal Garage Doors

Wooden garage doors are more aesthetically varied than metal garage doors so, they tend to cost a little more money. Although their luxuriant visuals are undoubtedly very pleasing, the reduced cost of a metal door attracts a lot of buyers. That’s not to say that metal doors look ugly, because they certainly need not. You can still save money and make a strong statement with a metal garage door. They really can be exceptional all-rounders if you are on a on a budget.Garador Carlton

Strength of Metal Garage Doors

Metal is by its very nature extremely tough and hard-wearing. It can achieve these properties with sheets of material that are both thin and lightweight. Whilst other types of garage door can boast similar properties, they often have to be far heavier and more solid to be so. They can be difficult and cumbersome to operate in comparison with thinner, more elegant metal garage doors.Garage Doors Kendal

Ease of Maintenance of Metal Garage Doors

Some types of garage door – such as wood – may look beautiful, but require a lot of care and attention to preserve them . Metal garage doors, on the other hand, are extremely low maintenance. Most do not need to be sanded, stained or repainted. A quick clean with a hosepipe or power washer will soon have them looking as-new again. If you’re the sort of person who wants a stylish home but doesn’t want large maintenance commitments, then metal should be your perfect garage door material.


Metal garage doors have a lot going for them. Of course there isn’t just one type of metal on the market; metal is one of the most varied materials on the planet after all. In terms of garage doors though, your choice will usually come down to aluminium or steel. Here is a brief overview of these two materials:


Steel is the most common metal for garage doors to be made from. It is very strong, and yet can still be shaped into a variety of pressed surfaces and finishes. It is malleable. Even large doors can be manufactured fairly cheaply from steel. This accessibility also brings very high standards of security with it as well. Here at Lakes Garage Doors, a vast range of our garage doors utilise steel within their forms, including many in our Garador range. Because of its adaptability, steel can be found within almost all of our garage door collection. If you want a steel garage door then you really are going to be spoiled for choice.Sectional Garage Doors Lancaster


Aluminium garage doors are superbly light and are very popular for this reason alone. However, aluminium is also rust proof and resistant to corrosion, so they are low maintenance even for metal garage doors. In fact, they are so convenient and secure that we actually sell a lot of aluminium front doors in addition to garage products, so you can match the doors on your garage and your home to achieve a smart, uniform look. Because aluminium garage doors (or indeed front doors) are also thermally efficient, you’ll find that they will remain dependable year after year after year.

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