Sectional Garage Doors Buyers Guide

Sectional garage doors are one of the most popular types of garage door available and the range of sectional garage doors on offer from Lakes Garage Doors are able to be supplied either un-insulated or insulated to ensure your individual needs and requirements are met. If your garage forms part of your property, you may want your door insulated, however if your garage is separate, this may not be a requirement of yours. All of our sectional garage doors, however, come fitted with a full perimeter seal to ensure that wind, moisture and debris is all kept out.

Sectional garage doors are made up of a number of separate, horizontally hinged panels and open vertically, allowing you to park right in front of your garage door if needs be.

Sectional garage doors


Sectional garage door panelFully insulated garage doors are generally draught-proof and will not only keep your garage cool in the summer and warmer in the winter, but can also help to reduce heating and cooling expenses, especially if your garage forms part of your property. If you plan to use your garage for anything other than storage or for keeping your car in, it’s almost essential that you purchase an insulated door, especially taking into account that they insulate from sound as well as warmth.

Features of Sectional Garage Doors

As opposed to using a single panel, as found in other types of garage doors, sectional garage doors are made up of separate door panels and regardless of whether the door is manual or automatic, this format typically allows for smooth operation.

Reliable Operation: 

Using adjustable track rollers with sectional garage doors gives a smooth and reliable opening action which also makes the doors perfectly suited for automation.

Vehicle Clearance:

Sectional garage doors do not protrude out ahead of the garage door when being opened or closed and, as such, this allows for parking almost right up to the door both inside and out. In addition, most sectional garage doors will fully clear the garage door opening when fitted with electronic operation facilities. If you require extra headroom in the garage, say for a 4X4, a sectional garage door is the suggested option.


Due to being produced from galvanized steel, being polyester primer coated and having a high quality and resistant surface finish, sectional garage doors have a long-term durability and have an extremely high resistance weathering with regular maintenance, unlike some forms of door. Seals:

Sectional garage doors use discrete sealing strips and hollow profile floor sealing strips can be used to disguise small uneven flooring irregularities.


Both manual and automatic sectional garage doors provide an extremely high level of security and the doors are held at each corner by the wheels in the tracks. As such, vertical opening is prevented on a manual door by a long which engages with the side track and on automatic doors, the electric operator holds the door solidly down when in the closed position.