Traditional vs. Modern

Traditional vs. Modern Garage Doors

The exterior style of your home is very important; it makes a statement to your visitors before they even reach the doorstep. Traditional vs. Modern; choosing the right style is a matter of balancing your practical requirements with your desired aesthetic to create something that is both beautiful and functional.


If you’re looking for a traditional aesthetic then you will most likely be looking for a wooden garage door. Timber has been used in architecture for countless centuries. It provides not only a sturdy and secure finish but an attractive one as well. The exact timber you choose will also make a difference; oak garage doors are particularly popular for a really traditional look. The weight of oak means that they are generally not made of solid timber, instead using a thin top layer like a veneer.

Traditional Side Hinged

The most traditional form of garage door is a side hinged one; if you want to use a heavy timber like oak. This is more practical than a door which opens vertically. However, they are generally more suited to garages which are to be used for general storage or as a workshop, as opposed to one for keeping your car in. It is easy to open one side to pop in and fetch something. However, it is a little more cumbersome to open both leaves to drive in and out.

If you want the appearance of side hinged doors but with the practicality of a modern sectional garage door, you can choose something like the GDS Coach House. This is pictured below. Made in white as standard, it is also available with the unique wind-o-wood handcrafted finish for the appearance of oak or mahogany.

Garage Door System Coach House


Modern aesthetics are far more flexible – depending on your tastes. You might still prefer timber, or you may prefer a metal finish. If bright colours are your style, then many of our garage doors can be finished in your choice of any RAL colour. This gives you numerous options.

Practical Modern Doors

A modern aesthetic lends itself to a range of flexible options. Sectional garage doors and roller garage doors are particularly popular. They lend themselves to automation. They do not require room in front to open and do not take up too much of the interior space. These types of garage door are particularly useful for parking vehicles. However, if you use your garage for general storage you may wish to have a side door for popping in and out. This will prevent displaying the contents of your garage to passers-by.

A range of striking patterns and designs can be added to modern garage doors to create a fantastic first impression. One such door is the Novoferm ISO 45 Paris, pictured below.

Novoferm ISO4 5 Paris

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