Garage Doors To Compliment Your House Character

When it comes to renovating the outside of your home, you will need a complimentary garage door. Make sure you’re not making changes that are going to spoil

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the buildings aesthetics. All houses have an architectural style, no matter how old or new. If you add something that reflects the wrong time period or has the wrong design features, it will look out of place. Even if you don’t think your home has particularly attractive look, adding something that’s out of place will make it worse. It could even lower the property value. Here we present a buyer’s guide of different house styles and how you can choose a complimentary garage door that blends in with the style of your property.

Modern homeSilvelox Overlap SLOT

A modern home may be anything built from the 1970s onwards and can vary in style. Many modern homes are eclectic in their use of cladding. They can make use of a mixture of stone, wood or whitewashing. Aluminium roller garage doors will look good on a modern home as it has a sleek design and the mechanism means space is saved in garages where space may be restricted.

1920-1930 Art DecoCarteck Supersize Unribbed Anthracite

The architectural styles of the 1930s were changing. It is actually hard to place a 1930s building at first glance because they used a variety of styles and building techniques. The building materials ranged from red brick to concrete with pebble dash cladding. 1920s homes tended to be small as the demand for housing had grown for the increasing population.  One new and popular feature was the garage, as car ownership was expanding rapidly. A sectional garage door could be ideal for a 1930s home. With the sleek design and the range of finishes you can find a style that compliments even an art deco style.

Cedar Door Middleton Side Hinged OpenVictorian and Edwardian

The older the house, the less likely it is to have an original garage. The reason for this is for the obvious. Cars didn’t develop until the late 19th century. They weren’t commercially widespread until 1908 when Ford released the Model T. Garages that already exist on period properties are likely to have been added later or converted from outbuildings, stables or coach houses. Victorian properties have distinct styles, favour high ceilings and ornate embellishments including bullion moulding. For that reason we recommend the side hinged garage doors to mimic traditional coach houses.

Tudor and Stuart StyleCedar Door Duffield Side Hinged

You may be lucky enough to live in a house that dates back to the 17thcentury. You may live in a 1900s arts and crafts style property that mimics that timber frames, clay rendering and sometimes thatched roofs. If your property includes outbuildings, you can convert these into a garage without the need for planning permission. However, if you wish to build a garage onto the side of the house, you will need to seek planning permission. For listed or period properties that exceed 200 years old you should choose timber garage doors. These will blend with the traditional style and materials used.

Choosing the right type and style of garage door is important. Maintain the existing character of your home as near as possible. The garage door is a large external feature that will be noticed. The older your property the more you should try to choose a complimentary garage door for your home.