Welcome To Lakes Garage Doors

Welcome to the Lakes Garages Doors blog, a place for us to keep you posted about all the things going on at Lakes Garages, as well as draw your attention to some fantastic offers and what’s happening in our industry.

On our new website you will find one of the most comprehensive garage door buying guides in the UK, helping you make the most informed decision about the perfect garage for you. With access to twelve individual variations, all fully detailed with accurate and in depth descriptions, as well as handy pictures and diagrams, you’ll be able fully assess your requirements for your garage door.

The innovative design means that we’ve also handily sorted all our bestselling garage doors into one, easy-to-access place so that you can see exactly what most people are buying to fit the majority of garages throughout the country. No matter your shape, size, design or colour, we will be able to cater for your garage with any one of our hundreds of products, of which the bestsellers represent only a handful.

What’s more, with our handy survey sheet you will be able to take the correct measurements yourself before you make purchase. Easily printable, the sheet takes all the hassle out of sizing up your garage door before you buy, meaning you can purchase with confidence.

With our extensive range of stock you will always find what you’re looking for at Lakes Garage Doors. From existing models and designs to bespoke garage doors, as well as our choice of garage door operators and much, much more, we are your number one stop for your garage door needs.

Over the coming weeks and months we will be regularly updating this blog with some of the best information around, keeping you informed of industry news and bringing some of the very best deals on garage doors straight to your browser. If you would like to get in contact about any of our products and services, then please call us today and a member of our highly trained, professional, and friendly team will be happy to speak to you. .