Choosing A Garage Door

Garage doors are not something that you shop for every day; once you have chosen and installed your garage door you rightfully expect it to last you for years to come. Choosing the right garage door can then become quite a daunting task, as you have a range of options and choices to weigh up before you commit to your purchase.

Choosing from a range of bestselling garage doors instantly gives you some peace of mind; you know that they are tried and tested designs whose enduring popularity goes a long way towards proving their overall suitability for a wide range of conditions. From there, you can move on to consider the exact type of garage door you want – sectional, up and over, roller, or side hinged – depending on a variety of factors including your need for space inside the garage and clearance outside.

The sectional garage is one of the most popular types; this opens vertically so you can park a vehicle outside right up to the door if you need to. The up and over door comes in two versions; the canopy version hinges up and outwards, creating a canopy outside the garage when it is open – this type is not suitable for automation – and retractable doors, where the open door is contained within the garage. Roller doors, originally used mostly for commercial properties, are gaining popularity in domestic garages, particularly if you have a tall vehicle or want to make use of your roof space as the door rolls up into a coil and do not intrude into the garage as far as other types. Finally, the side hinged garage door is still popular, especially for garages which are not used to house cars or for a traditional look.

The technical specification of a particular garage door will give you a lot of extra information with which to make your choice; if you have children, you might look for garage doors which are designed to be anti-pinch, so that you don’t have to worry about fingers getting trapped in the mechanism. If you want to automate your garage door, some doors will be more suited to this than others, and if you’ve got a particular colour in mind then some doors are available in a wider range of finishes than others.

If you don’t find a standard door that meets your needs, then bespoke garage doors can be created to your requirements, whether that’s due to unique size requirements or simply to ensure that the design of your garage door fits perfectly with the rest of the property.

As garage door specialists, we at Lakes Garage Doors have the experience to help you make the right choice. We have assembled a selection of buyers guides to help you, and our friendly team are standing by to offer you advice and assistance on 0800 1955690. In addition we can provide full installation on any of our products, anywhere in the UK, to make the whole process of choosing and installing your new garage door as easy as possible.