Silvelox Overlap


Silvelox Overlap is the very first sectional garage door which operates without ceiling tracks or springs. Also, the operator is hidden within the head rail. Furthermore, the Overlap is highly insulating, secure and available in a many designs and finishes.

Silvelox Overlap

How the Silvelox Overlap works

The top section of the door slides back and sits level. It has tracks to take the bottom section. This in turn slides up and back to sit beneath the top section.

Silvelox Overlap advantagesAttractive inside & out

The absence of ceiling tracks and ceiling mounted boom operator allow the garage to become a much more useable and tidy looking space. The door frame and the leaves are finished as standard in white. This reflects light back into the garage.


The Overlap panel is made from 75mm thick leafs of layered Multi-ecowood. This gives a very good insulation quality and a thermal value of up to U = 1.00 W/m2K. That is about one third better than the market leader for normal sectional garage doors.

Surface designs & finishes

One of the areas in which Silvelox Overlap excels over normal sectional garage doors is the choice of designs and finishes.  Firstly, there are 12 standard designs on offer from modern to traditional. Secondly, you have a choice of 5 different woods in a range of stains and paint finishes. Finally, and a new feature for Silvelox, is the choice of a metal coated door. This is available in the DUO, EMI and SIX models.  The metal coated doors are available in the same 15 standard paint finishes as well as 11 foil laminate finishes.


Handles are required on manual doors and on automatic doors without another access in to the garage.

Windows and ventilation

Finally, Overlap is available with a range of glazing options and vents. The windows are made of polycarbonate and come in bronze embossed, clear embossed and smooth transparent.  Rectangular and circular ventilation grids are also available.