Novoferm Sectional Garage Doors

For a significant length of time, the range of Novoferm sectional garage doors have been one of our bestselling products here at Lakes Garage Doors and we pride ourselves on offering the fantastic selection of products on offer from this manufacturer.

Novoferm sectional garage doorsIn many instances, Novoferm sectional garage doors have been referred to as the ‘BMW’ of garage doors. The range of Novoferm sectional garage doors are available as 2 different models (the ISO 20 and ISO 45). Two differing thicknesses of insulation based on your own individual needs. In addition, these models come in four different style options; Horizontal Rib, Large Rib, Flush and Georgian Panel doors.

Novoferm ISO 20

The Novoferm ISO 20 is a fantastic solution for those with single width garages and, as the name suggests, this model is a double steel skin sectional garage door with a 20mm foam insulation core. As standard, the model is also provided with low headroom gear meaning only 125mm of headroom is required for standard operation.

The Novoferm ISO20 works on a tension spring system which has the springs tucked away above the horizontal tracks. The model features both a spring and cable system to ensure that, in the event that one breaks, the other method can support the weight of the door and prevent an accident happening.

The Novoverm ISO20 garage door can be supplied either in woodgrain and smooth finishes in a wide range of colours.

Novoferm ISO45

The Novoferm ISO 45 is Novoferm’s most popular product and provides a full 45mm of insulation, (the thickest available in a sectional garage door), to provide you with the greatest level of insulation possible. In addition, spring brake devices are fitted as standard to prevent an accident should a spring or cable ever fail.

As this model is significantly heavier than the above ISO20 model, this door uses a torsion spring system to ensure the door can comfortably operate with the additional weight. To ensure the door is available for a wide range of applications, it is available with both standard and low headroom options.

The Novoferm ISO45 is regarded as one of our premium doors. There are a range of exclusive finishes available which include Satin Grey, Titan Metallic, Rosewood and Golden Oak. An the option of colour matched frames is available to ensure continuity between the door and frame.

If required, wicket doors, which are pass doors built into the Novoferm sectional garage doors, are available on this model. These come with a low profile threshold to allow the easy ‘in and out’ of lawnmowers or bicycles. As standard, these are supplied with a door closer. On an automated door, a wicket door contact switch ensures that the electric operator will not activate if the wicket door is open.

Novoferm Sectional Garage Doors Automation

All of the Novoferm sectional garage doors which we supply are perfectly suited to garage door automation and, as far as we are concerned, this is the preferred option. We offer a choice of 2 different Novoferm operators to easily and efficiently open your garage door.

Novoferm Novomatic 553S

The Novoferm Novomatic 553S is, as far as we are concerned, one of the most tried and tested operators. It is perfectly suited to both large and Movoferm sectional garage doors. If you want a garage door operator which is quiet, fast, reliable and powerful, this is the one for you. We know that it can cope with any job, big or small, and, as such, will suggest this in a wide variety of applications.

Novoferm Novoport

The Novoferm Novoport is a unique product which is suitable only for use on the range of Novoferm sectional garage doors and works from just a single side of your garage door, moving up and down the track with a wall mounted control unit and courtesy light supplied as standard. If you need a low headroom solution, the Novoferm Novoport is perfect for you.