Roller Garage Doors Buyers Guide

Roller garage doorsRoller garage doors, (also referred to as roller shutter doors), have historically only been used in commercial and industrial applications. They have, in recent years, been made more attractive for use as domestic garage doors.

The design of roller garage doors incorporates horizontal slats or laths which smoothly ascend and form a coil above the opening of the garage. Roller garage doors are good in situations where it may not be possible or desirable to have a door which slides back into the garage. There may be obstructions for an up and over or sectional garage door within the garage. Roller garage doors are well suited to such applications. A feature of roller garage doors is the vertical opening which allows parking close up to the door, ideal with a short driveway. They look striking in an arched opening.

Typically, there are 2 different types of roller garage doors which are suited for domestic use:

Insulated Roller Garage Doors

roller garage doors slatsIn general, a garage is the coldest and most draughty area of a house and, with this in mind, insulated roller garage doors can help to ensure your garage is a warmer and more pleasant space in your property. The range of insulated roller garage doors on offer from Lakes Garage Doors are the Securoglide doors manufactured by SWS UK. As standard, these come automated with the popular Somfy turbular motor,  a safety edge on the bottom of the door which, when it meets an obstruction, stops and reverses the door.

In addition, the Securoglide doors from SWS come with anti-lift locking and rolling-code technology to provide the absolute maximum level of security possible.

The Securoglide doors from SWS are available in a range of 15 finishes including both paint and woodgrain options, ensuring you can perfectly match your garage door to your property. Seceuroglide doors are fully CE compliant.

Un-insulated Roller Garage Doors

In addition to our range of Securoglide insulated roller garage doors, we are also pleased to offer a range of single skin, un-insulated garage doors which are manufactured from corrugated steel sheets which roll around a coil. The garage door is then balanced with two torsion springs, creating a door which is just as easy to open as it is to close it.

single skin roller garage doorsLakes Garage Doors supply the ‘roller’ model from Garage door Systems and we are able to offer it both supply-only or install it at your property as well. The standard ‘roller’ needs 330mm headroom for installation and operation whilst the ‘mini-roller’ requires just 229mm headroom. If possible, we would recommend opting for the standard ‘roller’ as it opens and closes more smoothly. The smaller coil is a little less smooth running because of the tighter angle which the door comes off the coil and enters the guides.

The range of ‘roller’ doors from Garage Door Systems are available both as manual and automatic operation garage doors. The manual door uses tough locking bars which engage into the steel guides. The door can be automated using the Liftmaster RDO 800 motor. Two handsets and a wireless wall station are supplied in addition to a light and full 5 year warranty.

The un-insulated, single-skin roller garage doors which we offer are manufactured using British Steel’s HP200 colourcoat and this durable coating requires only the occasional clean to maintain its fantastic appearance.
Low maintenance:

Roller garage doors are what we would regard as low maintenance garage doors, due to the simple fact that they are manufactured to the highest standards using only the finest and highest quality materials. The design of the doors means that they can be supplied in both insulated and un-insulated options and in a range of colours and finishes to perfectly complete your property.

Space Saving:

If you’re looking for space saving garage doors, roller garage doors could offer the perfect solution for you as they do not intrude into the interior of the garage as other types do. In addition, roller garage door guides can be installed directly behind the door opening resulting in the maximum ‘drive in’ height and width possible.