Silvelox Front Door Locking

New Silvelox Showroom Front Door

Silvelox Front DoorWe have now installed a Silvelox showroom front door into our Lancashire showroom.

Our Silvelox Showroom Front Door Design

Our Silvelox showroom front door, the ARA, is built on a steel chassis. This steel chassis has all the hinges and locks fixed to it. Consequently, this makes the door inherently secure. It is timber faced on both sides. The timber used on the our door is Okoume hardwood. It is oak stained on the outside. On the inside it has a smooth flush panel finished in white.

The ARA design is just one of a large range of other Silvelox front door designs. These can also be customised if you have something specific in mind. Because of the way these doors are constructed, it is possible to have a different design on the inside to the outside of the door. In conjunction with this, Silvelox also have a range of Domina internal doors. Therefore, you can specify one of the Domina designs on the Domina Shift in Whitened Oakinside of the front door to match your internal doors.

Silvelox Front Door Security

One of the key features of Silvelox front doors is they offer very high security.  For example, the door you see here is a Class 3 security door and has been tested against simulated burglar attacks. Furthermore, front doors fitted in the UK do not meet Class 1 security standards. Perhaps this gives you an idea of just how strong this door is. Also, the highest level of security offered by Silvelox is Class 4. More about front door security.

Our Other Showroom Doors

As well as the Silvelox showroom front door we also have a Garador Steelguard front door and a Groke front door. Best of all, we have a Silvelox ARA garage doorSilvelox GEO alongside the front door. These are on display at our Lancashire Showroom. Why not take the time to visit us. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be delighted to show you these amazing doors. Check our hours of opening by giving us a call.