The Brilliance Of The Up And Over Garage Doors

There are several different types of garage door that are available for you to choose from. All have their own benefits to each customer. We have a range of quite brilliant garage doors. It is, however, the up and over garage door that continues to be the most popular choice. There are several reasons for its continued Garage Doors Chorleypopularity.

Practical and Brilliant Garage Doors

An up and over garage door is a practical choice for those that want to maximise the available garage space. This is because the door and mechanism take up a very small amount of interior space. Consequently, when they are closed they allow you to utilise the maximum garage space. Even when the door is opened it stows away neatly overhead to prevent any wasted space. Whether you use your garage to store your car or your paperwork, the extra space that these doors provide is incredibly useful. They really are such brilliant garage doors.

The design flexibility

When you have decided on an up and over garage door, you will find out that there is a vast range of materials to choose from. The last thing that you want is an eyesore; thankfully, your design choices are far from limited. Whatever the design of your home there is sure to be a solution for you, from beautiful wood finishes to decorative fibreglass. Lakes Garage Doors have the perfect door for you.Garador Beaumont Traffc White

The security

A major concern for anybody buying a garage door is the security; it simply must provide a secure barrier against any potential thieves. With a locking mechanism that secures in several places, an up and over door will allow you to rest easier knowing that your home is secure. Again, these are brilliant garage doors.

We have covered just a few of the extensive benefits that come with choosing a high quality up and over garage door from Lakes Garage doors. You will be investing in an incredibly sturdy and low maintenance door that is built to last. Come and see us at our Lancashire showroom.