Case Study: Extra Large Sectional Garage Door Kirkby Stephen, Lake District

A recent installation of an extra large sectional garage door in the Lake District. This door was 6 metres wide but we have installed similar doors up to 8 metres wide,



We are building a large new garage at my property in the Lake District and I need to be able to easily get 2 big cars in and out. I thought that an extra large sectional garage door might be suitable. We have seen a Novoferm Satin Grey sectional door at one of your other jobs and would like something the same or very similar.  The door will obviously need to be automatic and I would also like 4 handsets.

Products used:

Due to the size of the opening being nearly 6 meters we were unable to fit the Novoferm sectional door requested as the largest door they do is 5.5 metres wide. Fortunately we were able to use instead the Garador extra large sectional door.  The Garador Titan Metallic finish is near identical to the Novoferm Satin Grey finish .  The style of door the customer chose is  Linear Medium.  Due to the size of the door we used a Novoferm Novomatic 803 S operator which is designed for very heavy doors and intensive use.

Extra Large Sectional Garage Door

Carteck Supersize Inside ViewIt was found that for this job that the Garador Sectional was the best in this case. However, there were other makes of extra large sectional garage doors we could have used. Carteck make a similar sectional door which is available up to 8 metres wide. To achieve this, they utilise their industrial door running gear for the domestic garage door sections. In addition, they use the industrial door motor of their sister company Techentrup.Carteck Supersize Unribbed Anthracite

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