Side Hinged Garage Doors Guide

The Traditional side hinged garage doors are still very popular; especially so with people who never use the garage for their car.

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The garage may be used as a workshop or just for storage. Others may wish to maintain the traditional look to their home and garage. We have designs which will achieve this. Strong winds taking hold of a door leaf when it is being opened has always been a problem with these doors. We strongly recommend that you purchase door stays when ordering a pair of these doors.


Steel side hinged garage doorsSteel Side Hinged Garage Doors

The Garador steel side hinged doors we offer you come in a range of standard and made to measure sizes and five different designs. These robust, stylish doors come with an integral steel frame that does not require additional timber. These doors are low maintenance, very light and easy to use. They come with lever/lever handles and shoot bolts on the inactive leaf. Garador steel side hinged garage doors are finished in white as standard or there is a range of optional colours to choose from.

Timber Side Hinged Garage Doors

Our timber side hinged garage doors are manufactured by Cedar Door. As the brand name suggests these garage doors are made from cedar wood. Cedar is a naturally rot resistant timber that will look good for many years to come. Cedar Door side hinged doors come as standard with the hardware pack included of which there are a choice of 3 styles to choose from: Modern, Traditional or Antique. The doors also come as standard with a full dip base coat stain to protect the door during transport and installation. It is recommend that the door is either optionally fully finished at the factory or on site. If you choose the optional factory finish the door will be sprayed with your choice of a stain or paint finish. The spray finish is of very high quality and far superior to to hand finishing the door on site.

Insulated Side Hinged Garage Doors

Insulated side hinged garage doorsOur range of the insulated side hinged garage doors from Carteck are the perfect solution for garages that are used as gyms, playrooms or workshops.

These doors are made from the same 40mm thick sections as Carteck sectional garage doors. The door section is a made of a double steel skin with a highly insulating foam core and has perimeter seals for draught reduction. The inside of the door has no unsightly bracings like un-insulated doors and is finished in a polyester wipe clean surface. The Carteck side hinged door come pre-hung on a ridged box section aluminium frame.

Designs & finishes – Insulated side hinged garage doors are available in 10 different panel designs with a huge range of colours and surface finishes to choose from.

Security – the inactive leaf is held securely in place by top and bottom flush bold whilst the active leave comes as standard with a dead bold. A three point high security lock is available as an optional upgrade.