Reclaiming Your ‘Traditional’ Garage

Recent news reports have lamented how many UK households tend to surrender much of their available garage space to utilise the area as simple storage space. UK homes have been widely documented as possessing the least room of any equivalent homes found across the length of Europe, and so this trend to turn the garage into a store room is perhaps unsurprising. Previously places to keep the household car, most UK garages are now cluttered beyond belief, and more and more people are consistently repurposing their garages in this way.

However, this pattern may actually have numerous negative effects. The most obvious is clearly the modern inclination to park cars and other household vehicles on the street. With pavements and other routes constantly under pressure to reduce the amount of obstacles that frequent them, wheelie bins in particular, losing the garage as a place to park the car is a notable downside. Yet this is not the only purpose that garages have served over the years, and some are now showing remorse over the lack of ‘traditional’ garage spaces.

Males have been found to feel the loss of a garage ‘retreat’ particularly strongly, and curiously this trend may actually be having consequences regarding the standard of the country’s DIY ability. Traditionally, the garage not only housed the car but also provided a sort of workspace where DIY skills could be honed. These practices could then be passed on to the children in a household, and many grown men admit that they regret not being able to engage with their children in this environment after the fashion that they remember doing with their parents.

With more and more people now beginning to voice their support for a more traditionally purposed garage, the long standing trend for garages to be converted into store rooms could be set to shift in the opposite direction. At the very least, many home owners are beginning to looks for ways to save space in any way that they can. Some people trial externally hired storage areas to relieve their garages from clutter, whilst others implement rigorously organised storage vessels or sliding shelves to try and get their garages under control.

One fundamental way to save room in the garage is to make use of sectional garage doors. Because these doors open vertically, they allow you to take full advantage of both the space inside and outside of your garage, letting you reclaim much of the space for more useful purposes. Here at Lakes Garage Doors we specialise in providing a huge range of garage doors to suit your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us and find out how we could be helping you with your garage today.