Case Study: Sectional Garage Doors Wilmslow, Cheshire

A recent installation of two Garador sectional garage doors Wilmslow, Cheshire.

Brief: Garage Doors Wilmslow

We are undertaking a major renovation and extension of a house in Wilmslow, Cheshire for a client and require two garage doors.  Whilst insulation is not critical as there are no rooms above the garage. The garage is integral to the house so the door should be at least draught proof.  The garage doors will be automated. This particular client is very concerned with safety, so would like the doors to be as safe as possible.  The property is in a Tudor style and we are looking something which will sit comfortably on the house without specifically trying to match.

Products Used:

The garage doors chosen to fit this brief were Garador Linear Medium sectional garage doors.  The client felt that this design with the woodgrain finish sat well with the rest of the house without trying be be anything they were not. These door are available with two levels of insulation – Standard and Premium.  Standard insulation is 20mm thick at the thinnest point, Premium 42mm, both doors have the same level of weather sealing.  As there are no rooms above the garage Standard insulation was sufficient for this project.

Finally the garage door operators chosen were the Garador Garamatic 20.  The Garamatic 20 has a very powerful 1000n motor which comes as standard andGarador Garamatic 20 also safety photocells. Photocells strike an infra red beam across the garage opening, if this beam is broken when the door is closing the door will stop and reverse. They have no effect on the opening of the doors.

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