Novoferm ISO 45 Henley

Novoferm ISO 45 Henley

If the garage door you require needs the traditional look of a pair of framed ledged and braced timber garage doors, but at the same time, has all the convenience of a smooth running automated modern garage door, then the Novoferm ISO 45 Henley is the one for you. If you want the Novoferm ISO 45 Henley sectional garage door fitted by the experts who have been installing Novoferm garage doors since they were first imported into the UK nearly 20 years ago; we at Lakes Garage Doors are those Novoferm distributors and will be delighted to help.

Construction of the Novoferm ISO 45 Henley

The engineered board that is used in the manufacture of the sections of the Novoferm ISO 45 Henley gains stability from the way that the layers of timber are laid up and bonded together. This engineered board is very stable and, with the correct treatment and care will remain free of warping, cracking and rot for many decades. The pattern of the Novoferm ISO 45 Henley is routered into the face of board. The top and bottom of the sections are machined in a way that allows the sections to interlock but at the same time does not leave space for fingers to become trapped. The bottom section has a stainless steel extrusion fastened into the bottom edge. This extrusion holds the floor seal which is a high profile, weather resistant, rubber seal that will stop draughts on any level floor. The vertical tracks of the Novoferm ISO 45 Henley are held in vertical frame legs. These are angled and fixed to the building with brackets. The feet of the frame legs are stainless steel to prevent corrosion of this area that can come into contact with water. All other steel parts of the Novoferm ISO 45 Henley are galvanised. Metal parts not galvanised steel are cast allow.

Automation of the Novoferm ISO 45 Henley

The Novoferm ISO 45 Henley, as an option can be drilled and prepared for handles and locking to provide you with a manual garage door. However; once the cost of the locking and factory preparation, and on-site installation of the locking is excluded, automating the Novoferm ISO 45 Henley makes a lot of sense. Two superb Novoferm electric operators are used by Lakes Garage Doors to automate the Novoferm ISO 45 Henley.