Novoferm ISO 45 Flush

Novoferm ISO 20 Flush

In recent years the Novoferm ISO 45 Flush has become an increasingly popular contemporary sectional garage door.

Customers who see this door in our showroom rarely fail to be impressed. Whilst the traditional panelled style is still a favourite the flush style is now close behind in terms of popularity.

Construction of the Novoferm ISO 45 Flush

To make the door achieve such high levels of insulation, (heat insulation value K = 0.5 W/m2 K) it is manufactured with a double hot dipped galvanised steel skin. Between the double skin is a 45mm core of PUR, CFC free, rigid foam. This not only insulates the Novoferm ISO 45 Flush, it also gives the door section great strength. The top and bottom of each section is designed to provide finger trap protection from the moving door. The hinges of the Novoferm ISO 45 Flush are similarly designed to ensure that fingers cannot be trapped. On the bottom of the lowest section is a stainless steel extrusion which holds the flexible, frost resistant rubber floor seal. This is designed to exclude draughts on any reasonably level floor. Between each section of the Novoferm ISO 45 flush is a neoprene rubber seal which prevents heat loss between the sections. On the vertical frame legs and the overhead facia are lipped rubber seals. The frame leg feet are stainless steel to prevent corrosion at this vulnerable point which can be in contact with water. All other steel parts are galvanised. Metal parts which are not steel, are cast aluminium. The springs are either above the door or, in the case of limited headroom, at the rear of the horizontal tracks. The springs are carried on a shaft at each end of which are the cable drums. The cables are attached to the door and are wound on the cable drums. In this way the door is counterbalanced.

Automation of the Novoferm ISO 45 Flush

The Novoferm ISO 45 Flush can be a manual or automatic. However; the handle, lock, factory preparation of the door for locking and on site fixing is considerable cost. When this is offset against the cost of an electric operator fitted during installation the difference is not great. Lakes Garage Doors, to ensure conformity with the Machinery Directive Regulations will fit one of the excellent Novoferm operators with the Novoferm ISO 45 Flush. Depending on the size of the door and the layout of your garage; one of these Novoferm electric operators will be more than equal to the task: