Groke 12541 Front Door

Groke 12541 overlay

The Narrow glazed panel of the Groke 12541 creates a simple and elegant front door that performs as well as it looks.

Groke doors are designed and manufactured in Germany. They are produced using a combination of state of the art manufacturing and craftsmen’s skill. Groke hold no stock of pre-built doors. When you sign off on the design drawings, the Groke 12541 that is produced will be just for you.

Construction and Insulation

There are three versions of Groke 12541. There are 34mm, 44mm and 94mm thick versions. All three are built on to the same 90mm aluminium profile. This profile gives the door leaf its strength and structure. The 34mm panel is rebated into the profile in much the same way as a glazing panel in a window. The 44mm overlays the profile on the outside face, giving a flush look when viewed externally. the 94mm overlays the profile on both sides. This is the top of the range version and gives the maximum insulation.


All doors from the range have been certified to the German burglar resistance class WK 2. In the test, the door is subjected to an attack using burglary tools such as screwdrivers, wedges, pliers etc.

Side and Transom Elements

Any side or transom elements that you order with you Groke 12541 are not bolted on as with some manufactures. They are made to be an integral part of the door frame structure. Not only does this make a stronger product that will close more solidly, it also looks better too.

Make Groke 12541 Your Own

As Groke doors are not an ‘off the shelf’ product. When it comes to choosing your specification, the range of options is almost limitless. As we guide you through the process you will start by choosing the structural items such as panel thickness and side lights. After that, the functional features such as security options and upgrades. The final thing is the aesthetics. You choose your glazing, furniture and colours.

Ready to get a quote for a Groke 12541? Our expert fitters can install anywhere in the North West of England and we can supply only anywhere inthe UK. Hit the orange button above or give us a call, we can’t wait to work with you. Finally, we have recently installed a Groke front door in our Lancashire showroom. Furthermore, this door is fitted with biometric locking!