Groke 12690 Front Door

Groke 12690 Cat

The horizontal ribs with stainless steel embellishments make the Groke 12690 an impressive looking front door. Suitable for low energy use homes.

Groke manufacture some of the best aluminium front doors in the world. Every single door with Groke is purpose made. They hold no pre-built stock and there are no standard sizes. When you order your Groke 12690 it will be made just for you. Before your door is manufactured you will receive a visual impression of how it will look as well as a technical drawing. Once you are happy with this, and the drawings have been signed off, your door will be ready to go into production.

Construction and Insulation

There are 3 versions of Groke 12690. 34mm, 44mm and 94mm thick panels. All three versions are built around the same 90mm aluminium profile. It is this that gives the door leaf its structure. On the 34mm, the panel is rebated into the profile in much the same way as glazing in a window frame. On the 44mm the panel overlays the profile on the outside face. This gives a flush look when viewed from the outside. The 94mm is the top level door. This panel overlays the profile on both sides and makes the door suitable for low energy homes.


Groke 12690 is certified to the German security standard WK 2. In the test the door has to withstand an attack using burglary tools such as spanners, pliers, screwdrivers etc.

Side and Transom Elements

As you can see from the image of the installed door above Groke do not use bolt on side elements. They are manufactured as part of the structure of the door frame. Not only does this look far better but it makes a stronger structure.

Customise Your Groke 12690

You can choose almost everything with a Groke door. You will be able to choose the structural options like side elements, panel thickness and frame profile. You choose the functionality options such as security upgrades, automatic locking etc. Finally the aesthetics; frame colour, leaf colour and furniture.

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