Garador Carlton Side Hinged Traffic White

The Ever Popular Side Hinged Doors

Cedar Door Middleton Side Hinged OpenThere have been many improvements to garage doors mechanisms. Despite this, new side hinged garage doors remain popular. In fact, new side hinged garage doors seem to be growing in popularity. The garage is often used for far more things rather than as a place to safely store the car. Important items are kept in the garage such as gardening equipment and tools. In addition, the garage is very often used as storage space. If you don’t use your garage for your car, if you use it for storage or work space, then side hinged garage doors will definitely suit your requirements.

New side hinged garage doors to create storage space

Once you invest in new side hinged garage doors you will be delighted with the amount of space you have. We all have belongings that we don’t use in our day to day lives. However, we can’t bear to part with them. You can avoid throwing these forgotten treasures away by putting them in your garage. They will be safe and secure, within reach when you need them.Not only will you be saving space, you will also enhance your security. It is easy to absent-mindedly leave an up and over garage door open when you quickly go leave the garage. With your new side hinged garage doors, it will be obvious that you have left it open. You don’t have to open the door fully either when you enter your garage. So, if you have valuables you can keep them hidden away.Carteck solid horizontal anthracite grey


Of course people get new side hinged garage doors for a number of reasons, if the style of your house is traditional you may wish to maintain this look with one of these doors as we have designs that can achieve this look.

Here at Lakes Garage Doors we are proud of our side hinged doors, and we also have a wide range of garage doors including sectional garage doors and roller garage doors. If you would like to find out more information or discuss your individual requirements then don’t hesitate to contact us today. Feel free to browse our site to view the products that we provide.