Novoferm ISO 45 Thame

Novoferm ISO45 Thame

If you require a traditional looking garage door but with the most modern operation; the Novoferm ISO 45 Thame is the door you need to look at. This door has the appearance of a pair of framed ledged and braced side hinged doors. The horizontal lines where the sections join are hardly noticeable but this is the clue to the smooth operation of this modern sectional garage door.

Construction of the Novoferm ISO 45 Thame

The sections, usually four but may be more for higher doors, are constructed from engineered board. The pattern of the Novoferm ISO 45 Thame is routered into the face of the board. The engineered board is very stable. The board is made up of layers of timber bonded together with the grain of the wood in opposing directions. Novoferm give a choice of three different species of wood, mahogany, okume, and Nordic Spruce. The Novoferm sectional door gear is tried and tested over many years of use on thousands of garage doors in many countries. Manufactured in Germany, the Novoferm ISO 45 Thame has finger trap protection on all joints and hinges. Cables are safely shielded in the frame legs and the springs have spring break safety devices. The frame legs of the Novoferm ISO 45 Thame are hot dipped galvanised steel and have a stainless steel foot. All other steel parts are galvanised or are cast alloy. This prevents any likelihood of corrosion. The torsion springs that are used to counterbalance the door are torsion type. These, as standard, are mounted above the opening but can, optionally, be sited at the back of the horizontal tracks as an allowance for low headroom. The Novoferm ISO 45 Thame is draught proofed by rubber seals. The seals in the frame legs and header are lipped rubber. The high profile flexible rubber seal at the bottom of the door is weather proof and will draught seal against on any reasonably level floor.

Finishes for the Novoferm ISO 45 Thame

As standard the door is delivered untreated. A range of transparent, high quality stains are available for the finishing of the Novoferm ISO 45 Thame by the factory. The door can also be finished in any RAL colour of your choice.