Novoferm ISO 20 Flush

Novoferm ISO 20 Flush

The clean minimalist appearance of the sections of the Novoferm ISO 20 Flush give a contemporary look to this insulated sectional garage door. Novoferm, since the introduction of this door, have had an ongoing program of change and innovation to the product. This latest version of the Novoferm ISO 20 Flush is even more efficient and smoother running than the previous model.

Construction of the Novoferm ISO 20 Flush

The sections of the Novoferm ISO 20 Flush are twin wall hot dipped galvanised steel. Between these steel skins is a bonded, CFC free PUR rigid foam core. The thickness of this core is 20mm. This helps this remarkable garage door achieve a high insulation value of K = 1.0 W/m2 K. The other design elements used to acheive the insulation are the rubber seals between the sections, in the frame legs, header and the floor seal, (requires a reasonably level floor). The sections  have a unique profile top and bottom to give an anti pinch shape which prevents finger entrapment  in the moving door. One of the main changes in this latest Novoferm ISO 20 Flush is the siting of the triple safety springs. These are now in tucked away in the vertical frame legs. The springs are attached to the door by cables which run through a simple pulley arrangement which is safely concealed. The angled frame legs have stainless steel bases to prevent corrosion as this part of the door can be in contact with water. The remainder of the frame legs and all other steel parts of the Novoferm ISO 20 Flush are galvanised. Metal components not steel are cast alloy.

Operation of the Novoferm ISO 20 Flush

This door can be automatic or manual. Either type is very secure. As the Novoferm ISO 20 Flush is a vertically opening door it only requires to be held securely downwards. In the manual version this is achieved with a lock engaging onto the frame leg. The electric operator of the automated version holds the door firmly shut.

  1. Manual. The optional handle and lock pack and factory machining is required to make the Novoferm ISO 20 a manually operated door.
  2. Automatic. Novoferm give a choice of two superb belt driven, whisper quiet, low energy, garage door operators:

When deciding between automatic and manual operation for your Novoferm ISO 20 Flush please bear in mind that the cost between the two may quite small. The cost of the optional handle and locking and factory preparation of the manual door needs to be taken into account.

Lakes Garage Doors have been installers and distributors of Novoferm garage doors since their introduction to the UK in 1997. We have intimate knowledge of the products and our fitters expert on their installation. Come and see a Novoferm sectional garage door at our Lancashire Showroom. You will see why we are so enthusiastic about these doors.