Groke 12920 Front Door

The exclusive Groke 12920 uses simple grooving and sandblasting to create a look of class on this high performance door.

You may not have heard of Groke before. They are a relative newcomer to the UK. This prestigous brand is one of the market leaders in Germany for high quality aluminium front doors. Because there are no standard sizes and no stock of pre-built doors held, your new Groke 12920 will be purpose made for you. We will be provide you with a visual representation of how your door will look as well as a technical drawing. Once this has been signed off, the manufacturing process can begin. The Groke 12920 is built using a combination of state of the art aluminium engineering technology and craftsmen’s skills.

Construction and Insulation

Groke 12920 is available in three versions which are all built around the same extruded aluminium profile. There are 34mm, 44mm and a 94mm thick versions. On the standard 34mm version, the panel is rebated into the profile and the glass double glazed. On the 44mm version, the panel overlays the profile on the outside face to give a flush, clean look. This is our most popular version with it’s glass triple glazing. On the 94mm version the panel overlays the profile on both sides and again is triple glazed.


As standard you will get a 3-bolt hook lock, two hinge pins and a security rosette covering the cylinder. This makes a very secure door. There are many features to choose from for your Groke 12920 door. These options can enhance functionality as well as security and are sure to tempt you to upgrade. One of our personnel favourites is the biometric finger print reader. The door unlocks automatically with the swipe of your finger. Another great feature is the GU-Security self-locking system. As soon as you close the door, the locks automatically engage. You need never have that ‘did I lock that door?’ worry again.

Side and Transom Elements

The side and transom elements for Groke 12920 look fantastic. The sandblasted effect in the glazing of the door leaf is replicated in the side element to line up perfectly. When you choose a side on transom element with Groke, it is not a screwed on afterthought. It is built as an integral part of the door frame. Not only does this look better but also creates a stronger, more robust structure.

Groke 12920 Customisations

Probably our favourite thing about these doors is the potential to really make them your own. With your Groke 12920 you’ll be able to choose everything. The colour on the outside, colour on the inside, handles, functional upgrades. You can even alter the design of the door.

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