Garador Linear Medium

Garador Linear Medium White

Garador Linear Medium – our best selling sectional garage door

The Garador Linear Medium sectional doors have many advantages over traditional up-and-over doors. Such as: maximising the drive-through width of a garage opening allowing for close parking inside and out and giving greater headroom clearance.

The Linear Medium door is made up from separate sections rather than a single panel, allowing for exceptionally smooth operation both manually and especially when electrically operated. The superb engineering employed in the manufacture of the Linear Medium sectional doors ensures they are amongst the finest garage doors available.

Our garage doors are distinguished by even, exact spacing of sections. The sections are shaped so that the transitions are practically invisible when the door is closed. Unlike irregular spacing of sections due to different section heights coupled with visible section transitions on competitor doors, which gives the door an uneven look.

Choosing a window option gives character and style to your sectional garage door and has the benefit of allowing natural light into your garage. You can choose between crystal and clear panes on sectional door windows.

Garador sectional doors are available as Classic single skinned and Premium insulation doors. The Classic single-skin door sections are bonded on the inside to steel profiles without rivets. This special bonding technique produces excellent stability and quiet door action. The Premium double-skinned doors offer greatest variety of surface finishes, ensure the highest levels of thermal insulation and structural rigidity, each 42 mm thick double-skin steel section is evenly filled with 100% CFC-free PU rigid foam and a seal between each section.