Garador Gararoll

Garador Gararoll Light Grey

The Garador GaraRoll is designed for living but built to last, producing doors that are functional and long lasting.

With a sophisticated design and innovative engineering, the Garador GaraRoll is the only spring balanced roller door which uses force limitation built into the operator to ensure the door is always safe to use. Our counterbalance springs complement the force limit of the operator, making an additional closing edge safety device unnecessary. The twin cables and spring-in-spring system also prevent the door from crashing down in the event of a cable or spring failure.

Made from aluminium insulated lathes the Garador GaraRoll lifts vertically, and then rolls into a box at the head of the garage door opening, offering a compact solution for garages that want to retain ceiling space or access to the roof. The smooth surface of the aluminium profiles looks modern and elegant; a high-quality coating on the outside and inside of the door’s surface makes it easy to clean.

The soft start and soft stop on our Garador GaraRoll contributes to a long service life. Unlike other doors in today‘s marketplace, our operator does not limit the number of cycles in a residential application and does not require an additional closing edge safety device. The mechanical stop between the top lath and the barrel provides security by preventing the door from being lifted.

Available in a choice of colours and timber effect finishes, with a range of optional handsets and accessories, the Garador GaraRoll roller garage door is the perfect choice for your home.