Garage Doors Preston

Supersize Garage Door

A recent installation of garage doors Preston.

The Brief

We have a are doing a major extension and conversion of a house for a client in Preston which involves extending a garage opening to make it 7 meters wide.  All the existing doors and windows on the house are rosewood PVCu and the garage door will need to match in with this.  The client would like some type of Georgian panel design and would like windows in the door if possible. Obviously on a door this size the client will need the door automated and 2 handsets will be required.

Products Installed

Most domestic garage doors are only made up to 5.5m wide so once you go above this the choices of what\’s available become limited. The one product which was able fulfil all of the brief was the Teckentrup Supersize sectional garage door.  The 7m width was no problem as the Teckentrup door is available in sizes up to 8m x 6m, the door comes in all the same finishes as the regular size domestic doors including the rosewood finish and even in these large sizes doors are available with windows. Once Teckentrup sectional garage doors are larger than 5.5m wide they come with industrial door gear.  From the outside the panel designs are identical to any of the domestic doors but from the inside there is a big difference in the way that the doors work – much larger torsion springs are used and an industrial shaft drive motor is required, bracing on the back of the doors is also needed to deal with the span.  For the finishing touch the client chose rhombus mullion windows to allow some light in to the garage.

Garage Doors Preston

As well as this Teckentrup door we fitted in Preston on this particular job we install all types, makes and modes of garage door throughout the Preston area. We also have matching front doors available for most of our garage doors.