Rockdoor Vogue

Rockdoor Vogue

Stand out from the crowd with a contemporary Rockdoor Vogue. Industry leading insulation and security credentials make this door a best seller.

British brand Rockdoor manufacture their composite doors right here in Lancashire. Established in 1996, they have furthermore built a reputation based on quality and their super fast lead times.

The Vogue is part of the Ultimate range from Rockdoor. The Ultimate range are Rockdoor’s best performing doors in terms of both quality and security.

Rockdoor Vogue Security

Rockdoor are renowned for their security. As standard the door will come with a soft latch, locking rod and two hook bolts. This should be enough to keep out all but the most determined burglars but, if further security is required, you can add the following options:

  • Upgrade to 4 hook bolts to increase security at the handle side of the door.
  • Secured By Design certification. You can also have your door certified by the Association of Chief Police Officers.
  • Steel mesh. You can opt for steel security mesh to be encapsulated within the leaf of the door further strengthening it by up to four times.
Rockdoor Vogue Colour Options

Rockdoor Vogue is available in a range of 12 colour options which you can see to the right. These colours are foil laminates and not painted. This gives makes the door UV stable and will not fade like other products. You can specify different colours on the front and back and frames can either match or be different to the door leaf.

Rockdoor Vogue Glazing

The Vogue is available with a wide range of glazing options with the most popular being the Cube design. The Cube has a 3D glass effect where the inner and outer glazing panels are sandblasted on opposing parts of the design to achieve this unique look. As well as the Cube design there are also Abyss and Ocean designs. There is also a choice of clear, or a range of frosted glass.